Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vintage Towels

Sheila and I have been on a vintage towel kick lately. Maybe it's a reminder of childhood, of life before neutrals (at least in my household), but there's something about old Fieldcrest and Martex towels that we just love. Finding matching sets can be a challenge, but if you like to mix and match, Etsy (or your local thrift shop) is the place to shop. Here are some of our favorite designs of late...

This train towel is actually for sale here

Love this crazy color combo

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pillow Lust

Cavern Collection floor pillow

Floor pillows are the best. As much as I don't like the way they have to be sloppily stacked against the wall when not in use, they are amazingly handy for kids and adults alike. I've always used our euros as floor pillows, and now I can't imagine what I did without them. Sat on the cold, hard floor, I guess. Anyway, I saw this pillow by Cavern Collection on Design For Mankind today, and I'm in love. It's 48" square, made of linen, and hand fringed. And the X-pattern is genius. Also: check out their beach towel collaboration with Assembly NYC! I want to hang that on my wall...

100% cotton cobra towel

Pretty Birdie

So sexy. And I love the mustard.

Thanks to Annie for turning me on to her friend Stephanie's eco-fashion Etsy shop, Pretty Birdie. She's got some amazing designs in there, made of hemp, organic cotton, scrap wood and recycled leather. These are two of my faves...

Hemp stretch with recycled wooden belt—so cute!