Thursday, October 14, 2010


"Galxia" wallpaper by Tres Tintas, available at Walnut Wallpaper

It's "Wallpaper Week" at Apartment Therapy, and there is an excellent post today on the history of wallpaper. I am personally obsessed with wallpaper, although I have none in my own home. (Which is to say, I have none on my walls...I do have vintage rolls I've collected over the years stashed away. I'm saving them until I find just the 100% perfect spot for them, which may or may not ever happen!) Sheila has purchased many a vintage wallpaper book on eBay, and even has some framed swatches hanging in her home, which is a very thrifty and cool way to get art on your walls, I think. I just wanted to mention L.A.'s Walnut Wallpapers in this post. I've never been to their retail store, but perusing their site is one of my guilty pleasures. They've got a vast variety of papers, and they've got them organized by color (genius) online. 

I love the drama of dark wallpaper above a blue wainscot. ("Grove Garden" wallpaper by Osbourne & Little,  at Walnut Wallpaper

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