Friday, January 20, 2012


Blue Foulard throw pillow is NEW!

Flowers & Twigs Blue bolster pillow is also brand new!

And I do mean EVER. Plover is on One Kings Lane today with a MASSIVE sale—the first time we've put our bedding on sale at these prices. Quantities are very, very low, so if you've been coveting anything from the line, now is the time to buy!

We're also unveiling our brand-new line of throw pillows on the OKL sale, so check them out. We'll have them up on our site next week. These throw pillows are a steal—100% organic cotton twill with a removable insert., and only $29/each during the sale!

Also featured: Virginia Johnson's amazing textiles (which I can never get enough of) and the understated chic of Cristina Dos Santos' linens. Happy shopping!


  1. Love the choices! What are the removable inserts made of?

  2. Hi Meghan, The inserts are also 100% cotton. :)