Monday, May 14, 2012

Another Panda to Love

Panda "Monroe" sunglasses in Natural, $120
Besides giant pandas and Panda Bear, that is. My husband just brought these home with him from tour: Panda sunglasses made of bamboo and recycled polycarbonates. They are so lightweight! They're so comfortable to wear...why didn't someone think of this sooner? Black sunglasses are timeless (and they make those too), but I love the visible woodgrain of the "Natural" frames. Besides the aesthetic, they're so obviously not plastic that people might notice and maybe start to realize that, yes, there are viable alternatives to plastic out there! It just requires a bit of ingenuity. One more thing to love: for every pair of Panda glasses you purchase, they'll donate an eye exam and a pair of prescription glasses to someone in need, in collaboration with TOMA (Tribal Outreach Medical Assistance) Foundation. See their full collection here and start shopping!

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  1. I just want to say what an inspiration you are! I love reading your blog and finding out cool new ways to be eco-conscious. So... Thanks!!
    -Mary Grace