Saturday, August 4, 2012

Our Favorite: Sunscreen

Arcona's ReOzone SPF 40

Today was the hottest day yet (so far, anyway) of the summer here in Portland, so when better to post about our hands-down favorite facial sunscreen: Arcona's ReOzone. We discovered this sunscreen two years ago and promptly started wearing it absolutely every day. (Not an exaggeration.) It has to be tried to be believed. They say it goes on "whisper light," and this is the stone-cold truth. It absorbs instantly and goes on matte—no greasiness, no shininess, just protection. It's also tinted, so it evens out skin tone, but doesn't look like makeup. (Men can get away with wearing it.) We've never had another facial sunscreen come close to the amazingness of this one, and we've tried them all.

Arcona is not organic, but their skin care line is capable of small miracles. The focus on live, active ingredients and have no petrochemicals, parabens, chemical stabilizers, sodium lauryl sulphates, perfumes, dyes, or any other caustic or toxic ingredients. Read more here


  1. This weekend was HOT! Thanks so much for the info on this sunscreen! It's always so hard choosing the right one, especially when you want none of the chemicals or the greasy look on the face, thanks!

  2. I know! And I just read about this one for the body that I want to try based on Hemsley & Hemsley's ( recommendation: DeVita Solar Body Block (