Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Having a Pendleton Moment

Harding Cardigan at Anthropologie

This Pendleton carry-along blanket is available at Shopbop

The crazy holiday shopping season has begun for me. (A little earlier than usual, which I'm proud to say as a proven procrastinator.) But so far I haven't seen much out there that I want for myself, except for this cozy piece of eye candy from Pendleton's Portland Collection. This I could live in all winter. My husband probably wouldn't be so into that, but that's no reason not to get it!  

Not to sound like a mouthpiece for Pendleton (it's so hard not to be a huge fan!), but I am also getting a bunch of the carry-along picnic blankets as gifts. Who wouldn't be happy with one of these? They're practical and chic, and at $88, very reasonable. A fell in love with them when I saw one on the floor of Leann's car in Philadelphia (thanks, Leann!)...which is just where they belong.   

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