Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Magical Birthday

My daughter turned 3 this weekend, and it was one of those beautiful early summer days in the Northwest, so we had the party in the backyard. I try to be as green as possible when entertaining—especially with kids, who don't mind drinking juice out of old baby food jars and feel special using cloth napkins. And summer birthdays are so easy—just turn the kids loose in the yard, and they're thrilled. My dear friend Annie Beedy took the photos, so I just took it easy.

Buying this fabric banner on Etsy was one of the smartest things I have done. (Although, yes, it's sad that I did not have time to make it myself!) And this year's (very loose) sea creatures theme was easily achieved by hanging bath toys from the apple tree

Paper straws (so cute!) and baby food jars to drink from for the kiddies...

My daughter and I baked the cupcakes in the morning, making sea creatures out of marzipan (so much like play dough, I had no idea!) with India Tree vegetable-based food coloring...

Here are 3 little partygoers in a big bird's nest...yes, a bird's nest. My husband has been building it slowly for the past few months, from the ground up. He even put a floor in so the kids can stand up in it. Amazing, right? I don't know how he thinks these things up, but we love it. The kids pretended to be birds all afternoon. So much cooler than a plastic swing set!


  1. That nest is AWESOME!!!!!! I want one. ;) What a fun party.

    Congrats on the new line. Looks great!

  2. hi!

    how did you get that color with the india tree coloring? i can get a mossy, grey green, or a grey-blue but can't seem to get an aqua/robin's egg, sea green kinda color...