Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Plover Organic + Broken Bells!

Can you ever have enough tote bags? Of course you can, but why can I never find mine when I'm running out the door to the grocery store? Well, here's another must-have tote: the Broken Bells tote by Plover Organic! Broken Bells (aka Dangermouse and James Mercer) kicked off their first U.S. tour last night in San Diego, and our totes are along for the ride. They are limited-edition and only available on this tour...just FYI. Best thing about this tote? It's foldable, with a snap button, but there's also a very cool surprise screen-printed inside. Just saying.


  1. going to the show in Boston tomorrow! will definitely be picking this up...

  2. I heard the Boston show was super-fun...James said the crowd energy was awesome~