Monday, May 24, 2010

Streaking through Spring

It's wool and rain boots one day, bare arms, sandals and ice cream trucks seemingly on every corner the next - in other words, typical springtime weather in New York City. During a run of particularly wet, clammy, and otherwise dispiriting weather, my children and I, inspired by an article in the New York Times, decided to streak - for a 100 straight days. And I'm not talking about 70s style streaking.

We are reading 10 minutes a day, from a 'chapter' book, as a family, for 100 days in a row, better known in my house as the '100-day streak.' No excuses, no ifs, ands or buts. I have called my son at a weekend sleepover and read over the phone; my children have lounged in the bath while doing our streak reading; we have read at 7am before school, and we have 'streaked' at 11pm before going to bed way too late. Subway streak reading turns into impromptu groups of whoever is around us listening (and always commenting on our book choice!).

Streak reading gone awry!

We are finishing our third book tonight. Next up, our list includes Lad (in my opinion the greatest dog story of all time), Charlotte's Web or Wind in the Willows.

What would be on your reading list and where would your favorite place be to streak?

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