Thursday, June 10, 2010


Blue Flock sheets with Teal Confetti cases and quilt...heavenly, no?

I met Sheila in Seattle this week for a quick photo shoot with the very talented and very patient Curt Doughty. (Thanks again, Curt!) When we started Plover, the idea was to create amazing prints in the time, all that was out there in organic cotton was neutrals. (Which is still kind of true, although less and less so every year.) But one thing we've learned over time is that there is a place for a clean white bed (just check out this post from Marais USA), or at least a simpler bed. (Sorry, plain white beds still remind me too much of hotels! Also, with two kids: stains.) So we were inspired to show Plover's linens in a new light. After all, the reverse side of all our bold prints is a more quiet one. We wanted to give those prints the spotlight for once. Here's some outtakes...real photos to come soon!

Blue Dots bed with bolder accents: a Pinwheel throw pillow and Blue Geometric standard pillow

Had to post this pic because I was in love with Sheila's yellow headband (borrowed from her daughter)...

There was something about this Pink Flock and Pink Waves bed...I just wanted to jump in.

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