Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yet Another Reason to Buy Organic...

Just finished reading on CNN about the "Dirty Dozen"—the twelve fruits and vegetables that you definitely want to buy organic, because their conventionally-grown counterparts are ridden with pesticides. (And these pesticides cannot be washed off. The pesticide tests in the report were actually conducted after the USDA had power-washed the produce. Scary, right?) Non-organic celery, for instance, had traces of 67 pesticides on it! Click the link above to read the full list of produce (strawberries, peaches and bell peppers are among them) to avoid; there's also a handy list of fruit and veggies that are OK to buy conventionally grown (like corn, avocado and sweet potatoes).

This is definitely something to forward to family/friends who still think the organic movement is a racket! I did the same thing when the studies came out showing that organic ketchup had three times as much cancer-fighting lycopene as conventional.

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